4 Unexpected Designers Making Steampunk Clothes

High fashion doesn’t usually lend itself to niche science fiction trends, but that is exactly what’s happening with steampunk and these designers. While high fashion clothing can usually seem sleek, minimalist and entirely unattainable to the average person (both in price and style) many people were thrilled to see four major high fashion designers quietly embrace the trend and start churning out some decidedly haute couture steampunk clothes.


The Italian brand drew from steampunk inspiration for its 2013 line of men’s clothes, producing a range of striking leather and metal cross body holsters to accentuate their ultramodern suits. While the entire line did not reflect this inspiration, the holsters and belts themselves were so clearly neo-Victorian and machinery inspired that you would be hard pressed not to call them steampunk.

Alexander McQueen

Alexander McQueen had never been known as a designer who shied away from the Avant garde or the over-the-top, so it’s no surprise that the fashion house with his name carried on that trend by producing some interesting steampunk clothes for its runway show. McQueen’s shoes have often been things of beauty sought after by most women, but his foray into steampunk clothes and steampunk shoes have taken him to another level. More than one of Mcqueen’s shows has featured masterfully designed steampunk shoes that would draw the envy of any fashion connoisseur.


Bringing a decidedly modern twist to classic steampunk, Prada nevertheless was another high fashion line that used some steampunk inspiration in its runway show last summer. Tailored suits, pin stripes high-necks were just some of the ways Prada brought a little steampunk flare to its line.

Christian Dior

In 2010, John Galliano designed a line of clothing for Christian Dior that saw lots of steampunk classics, such as corsets, top hats and long, flowing coats. The look was full of sex appeal and 20th century aesthetics and showed how popular the steampunk style has really become.

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