Our Favorite Corset Wearing Movie Characters

These leading ladies made us fall in love with the romance and allure of the corset all over again. These corsets were not just prop pieces in the following movies, but defining parts of the characters, whether good or bad. Kate Winslet in Titanic The movie Titanic was full of incredible beauty and scenery, juxtaposed against scenes of abject terror and human misery. It showed us the violent contrasts between the rich and the poor and the ways people fell into the trap of what was expected of them. Beautiful Rose was a wealthy socialite who fell for poor, charming […]

Can Wearing a Corset be a Feminist Statement?

Since its inception, the corset has been so closely intertwined with the idealized concept of a woman’s body and sexuality that it’s hard to separate it from that fact. The slim waist, wide hips and lifted bust that corsets provided were all indicators of sexual health and were used to garner male attention. With the corset being a lightning rod for idealized women’s sexuality, can it actually be a feminist move to wear a corset? Some people think so. The inversion of the corset came in the 1980s when the sexual history of the corset wasn’t hidden or cast away, […]

Lies You’ll Hear About Plus Size Lingerie

Shopping for clothing when you don’t fit within the miniscule bracket dictated by fashion companies to be “the norm” (which isn’t really the norm at all) can be daunting for even the most stalwart among us. However, that isn’t all you’ll face in the world of lingerie shopping when you’re not a size 2. We hear plenty of myths, lies and half-truths told to us or by us to explain our dislike of lingerie, our lack of choices or our disinterest. Here are the worst offenders we want to strike down. Plus-size women aren’t interested in lingerie There is a […]