Lies You’ll Hear About Plus Size Lingerie

Shopping for clothing when you don’t fit within the miniscule bracket dictated by fashion companies to be “the norm” (which isn’t really the norm at all) can be daunting for even the most stalwart among us. However, that isn’t all you’ll face in the world of lingerie shopping when you’re not a size 2. We hear plenty of myths, lies and half-truths told to us or by us to explain our dislike of lingerie, our lack of choices or our disinterest. Here are the worst offenders we want to strike down. Plus-size women aren’t interested in lingerie There is a […]

Rediscovering the Corset: Accessorizing With Long-forgotten Lingerie

Once a mainstay of women’s wardrobes, the corset fell from fashion in a big way once the brassiere moved to the forefront. Originally worn only as an undergarment, the corset saw re-emergence as a corset top in the 1990s. These tops were essentially mock corsets (you could rarely tighten them) that were made to give the illusion of a corset without the effort (and often, without the quality). The corset has again resurfaced as a fashion piece, but has changed from a corset top to an accessory popularized by many celebrities. Rihanna, Gigi Hadid and especially Kim Kardashian have pushed […]

How to Make Your Own Poison Ivy Costume for Halloween

Halloween lovers rejoice! The time for costumes, candy and creepy décor are almost here! While those summer lovers might be soaking up the last rays, we’re busy planning for that one magical day a year when all things spooky become the norm. With every Halloween shindig comes the important step of planning your costume. This year, we love the idea of bringing the love/hate villain Poison Ivy to life. The longtime, flirtatious adversary of Batman has been recreated in many movies and comics over the years, which make her a perfect option for someone looking for a recognizable character that […]