Corset Myths Debunked

There’s no doubt that corsets have recently had a ‘comeback’ in the media, with stars like Kim Kardashian at the forefront showcasing a trendy waist trainer as she goes about her daily errands. First myth debunked: Kim doesn’t actually run ‘daily errands’. Now before we get started, let’s clear up what we are discussing. “Waist shapers” like the ones you see above (and all over Instagram) are a bit misleading. The term “waist training” comes from waist training with corsets where the corset has the ability to be laced tighter and tighter over time, thereby “training” the waist to accommodate […]

Dude Vader

If you happen to find yourself at Comic-Con this year in San Diego, you might be lucky enough to cross forces with this former Jedi Knight: His name: Dude Vader. That’s right, this is the cooler, swankier, 2.0 Darth and he’s not about that dark lord life. In case you were wondering what happened to Darth after his limbs were all cut off by his own son and he was electro beamed to death, well, I can finally safely assure you that he successfully reincarnates, escapes the Death Star and retires in sunny and beautiful San Diego. After all, convincing everyone […]

Tonya Kay

Today we have the pleasure of talking with the amazing Tonya Kay: 1) Who is Tonya Kay? I’m the Most Dangerous Woman in Hollywood 2) Where did you come from? The first child spawned consciously by an emotional, artistic dad and an intelligent, driven mom who were very much in love with each other and still are today. 3) Okay, more specifically, where were you born? I was born in a rural farming community in southern Michigan. 4) How did you find your way to Hollywood from your birthplace? Lust for meaning through tactile adventure and gumption! I starting working […]