Can A Corset Cause Health Problems?

With the popularity of waist trainers on the rise and everyone from celebrities to stay-at-home moms trying them on for the sake of a slim and toned waist, doctors are starting to notice an unexpected consequence. Doctors are warning that waist trainers can “strangle” organs, cause heartburn and indigestion, and create weakening of the spine. But does training the waist with a traditional corset cause the same issues? Not in the least. Waist trainers are made of a band of stretchy material that doesn’t cinch the waist but instead squeezes the entire torso, like a large rubber band. This is […]

5 Ways To Wear A Corset To Dinner And Still Look Classy

It can be hard to sell a corset as an appropriate item to wear to dinner, but we can assure you that you can look chic and classy wearing a corset to dinner, so long as you pair it well. Here are 5 ways we suggest wearing a corset to dinner that will still let you look classy and put together. White corset and black mini skirt This is a fun look that mixes a black mini skirt and a plain white corset. This simple outfit allows you to show off your shoulders and your legs in this great, simple […]

How to Diy Your Own Tinkerbell Costume

Lots of people identify with Peter Pan’s sassy sidekick, Tinkerbell. This pint-sized heroine was originally only supposed to be a passing side character, but her animated form was such a hit that she became much more than the “common fairy” she was first written to be. While there are many Tinkerbell costumes available in big box Halloween stores, you may find they all fall flat when trying to capture Tink’s magic. Because of this, we’ve put together a DIY tutorial on making your very own Tinkerbell custom that is as unique as you. To make your Tinkerbell costume, you will […]