How to Wear Lingerie Like a French Woman

The French are lauded for great food, great style and great beauty. They exude a subtle sexiness that has less to do with looks and much more to do with confidence. This extends into how they wear lingerie and why. So here are a few tips we have on how to wear lingerie like a French woman. Don’t wear it for him Confidence is key, so buying lingerie only to impress a man will most certainly backfire on you. Major French lingerie brands are huge proponents in women wearing lingerie for themselves: for their comfort, their enjoyment and their feel. […]

Why Corsets Won’t Make You Lose Weight

We hate to be the person to say it, but Kim Kardashian’s claim that corseting made her lose weight is sadly false (and she’s probably selling something). We’ve all seen the pics of celebrities strapped into their waist trainers, delicately lifting weights or posing in their walk in closets, claiming that it helped them lose weight, but the simple fact is that it probably didn’t. Corset training in alone cannot burn fat cells. That can only be done with a calorie deficit caused by eating less or by exercising more. One thing that waist training can provide is the feeling […]

Things That Have Changed About Modern Corsets

Corsets have moved from the annals of history into a steady place in fashion. They continue to be worn as waist trainers, lingerie and fashionable garments for the rich and famous and the average woman. Unfortunately, corsets are controversial corsets that many people view as garments made by men used to control women. They are often seen as sexual devices that hobbled women and made them powerless to do their day-to-day tasks or even breathe comfortably. Many of these myths have since been disproven, but we still hear them come up time and time again. Here are a few of […]