Matching Your Necklaces to Your Neckline in Steampunk

Steampunk clothing is inspired by the Victorian aesthetic of the 1800s, which saw voluptuous skirts, slim waists, extravagant bustles and loads of frills. What was also happening during the Victorian era was a change in the necklines of women’s clothing. Exposed shoulders and necklines became de rigeur as corsets lost their straps to make room for these modern designs. While extravagant necklaces were not worn quite so often in the Victorian era, steampunk clothing demands accessories. This is because accessories are such a great way to show off personal creativity and further develop your character’s backstory. If you have a […]

Going Steampunk for Halloween

With Halloween just around the corner, plenty of people are thinking about what they’ll be wearing to wander the streets, attend a house party, or give out candy to the kiddies in. If you’ve been looking to try steampunk or are already someone who loves steampunk, Halloween is a perfect time to really embrace the creativity that steampunk clothing can allow. You can have two options when it comes to steampunk Halloween costumes: make your own or buy one ready-to-wear. If you’re looking to buy, this is the rare time of year when you will actually be able to find […]

Are Front-laced Tops Really Corset Tops?

In the 1990s, corset tops were everywhere. From celebrities to fashion shows, to big box clothing stores, corset tops were in. Cinched in at the waist with wide straps and a square neckline, they may not have been the most universally flattering items but they sure were popular. After falling out of fashion for quite some years, corset tops seem to be making a comeback, but are they really? These new corset tops certainly look different than their 1990s predecessors. While the 90s saw darted waists and V stitching down the front to draw your eye down the slimmest part […]