Tonya Kay

Today we have the pleasure of talking with the amazing Tonya Kay: 1) Who is Tonya Kay? I’m the Most Dangerous Woman in Hollywood 2) Where did you come from? The first child spawned consciously by an emotional, artistic dad and an intelligent, driven mom who were very much in love with each other and still are today. 3) Okay, more specifically, where were you born? I was born in a rural farming community in southern Michigan. 4) How did you find your way to Hollywood from your birthplace? Lust for meaning through tactile adventure and gumption! I starting working […]

Famous Burlesque Divas

Ever wonder about the burlesque divas of yesteryear – their costumes and dances that made them famous around the world? In the 1930s, the Minsky Burlesque circuit of New York began to produce many individual stars. One which is well-recognized from this era, is Gypsy Rose Lee. Her costume was absolutely essential to her act, with layers of satin and lace that she would slowly strip away. Historic photographs show her festooned in feather capes and feather boas leaving behind a corset, suspender belts or stockings by the end of her show.  Lest someone try and label Gypsy a “stripper”, […]

No, mom I am not a stripper!

What are the origins of Burlesque clothing? Well, my little Vixen, let’s go way, way, way back. Like biblical history. But trust me, it will be worth it.  The first recorded Burlesque dance and dress originated in Biblical times, the perfect breeding ground for the roots of scandal right? If you paid any attention in Sunday school, you might remember the infamous temptress Salome. Desperately in need of a favor, she cleverly leveraged all her female wiles and danced for her beloved King Herod with her Dance of the Seven Veils. Never heard of it? Boy, are you missing out! […]