The Stylish Geek

1) Who is Emily Ong? I’m just a regular girl who loves what she loves. 2) Where did you come from? I’d like to think I’m from some mysterious planet filled with boys trapped in girls bodies, but I’m still and always have been a California girl. 3) What are your hobbies and influences? I realized recently that doing something creative is just in my blood – whether it’s just sewing something, working on my next cosplay, putting together outfits for my blog, or even just admiring other people’s art on Instagram, getting my creative juices flowing is a big […]

Dude Vader

If you happen to find yourself at Comic-Con this year in San Diego, you might be lucky enough to cross forces with this former Jedi Knight: His name: Dude Vader. That’s right, this is the cooler, swankier, 2.0 Darth and he’s not about that dark lord life. In case you were wondering what happened to Darth after his limbs were all cut off by his own son and he was electro beamed to death, well, I can finally safely assure you that he successfully reincarnates, escapes the Death Star and retires in sunny and beautiful San Diego. After all, convincing everyone […]

My First Corset

I started working for the Violet Vixen helping them manage their Facebook page about 6 months ago (Hi ladies! U!). Of course one of the first things they have you do is – pick out a corset! I learned so much from my first corset that I wanted to share my experience and give you hints along the way to make your journey easy too! I was excited, but I never wore a corset before! No one in the office was going to help me, they wanted to see if I could figure it out just like our customers do […]