How to size your corset

With so many numbers out there picking the right size corset for your body can be quite intimidating. We have tried to cover some quick basics and F.A.Q’s to help you pick the right size. If you are still having difficulty please consult our free Corset consultation service found here. The number one thing you can do to make sure that you get the right size is to actually measure yourself! Don’t Guess! The second thing would be to lean toward your largest measurement if you find you are between sizes. It’s easier to cinch in more on the waist […]

“Costume” vs. “Authentic”

So, here you are; a new corset shopper with only the desire to be totally awesome and try these super cute, super sexy corsets. But what is the difference between the “Costume” and the “Authentic” naming convention and how do you know which category is right for you? Here are some very short notes on the differences between cost points of corsets. COSTUME CORSETS: Costume corsets are known for their lower price point, lighter-weight materials, ribbon lacing and more ruffled and unique designs. Most have acrylic boning, which is not very durable or comfortable. They are fun and interchangeable for […]

History of the Construction of Corsets

The corset has been an important part of fashion for centuries. From its early designs that were popular during the Middle Ages to the more widely known version of the Victorian Era, the corset has changed a great deal. While the materials in the design–glue to whalebone to plastic to futuristic fabric–have altered in the past few centuries, the purpose of the corset has not: to give us the shape we, and society, have desired. Before we continue, we should point out the difference between a corset and a girdle. These are two very different things. Saying they are the […]