How to DIY your own steampunk corset?

If you Google the words ‘steampunk corset’, you will be bombarded with image after image of beautiful, finely crafted corsets in everything from leather to lace to velvet and satin, all adorned with a variety of embellishments, from embroidery to patches to cogs and chains. Companies that specialize in creating intricate steampunk corsets are now easy to find online and can offer anything from sexy to demure. Of course, these works of art don’t always come cheap. A good, steel boned steampunk corset complete with embellishments and interesting details can quickly run into the hundreds of dollars. If you’re on […]

Choosing your shape with an overbust corset

Overbust corsets are what many people think of when they think of traditional corsets: a laced corset that extends from the top of the bust to the hip, with a sweetheart or square neckline. These classic overbust corsets have been around for hundreds of years and act as support for the bust while adding shape to the waist. Many women are now rediscovering the joys of corsets and waist training and there has been a new boom that has allowed an entirely new crop of corsetieres to try their hand at making a variety of corsets and introducing the joy […]

Femme steampunk: embracing the industrial beauty of steampunk while still loving your femininity

We love steampunk, but we’ll be the first to admit that steampunk styles can definitely lean towards a more traditionally masculine vibe. The colors, fabrics and general style often favor a darker, more masculine appeal. Steampunk has a lot of leniency with its character structures and clothing, so if you’re a femme who just loves to embrace your femininity but don’t want to lose out of the chance to explore some of the fun characters, you’re in luck! One thing we’ve always loved about steampunk is how it plays with gender norms. Gender and sexuality are loaded concepts in steampunk, […]