Femme steampunk: embracing the industrial beauty of steampunk while still loving your femininity

We love steampunk, but we’ll be the first to admit that steampunk styles can definitely lean towards a more traditionally masculine vibe. The colors, fabrics and general style often favor a darker, more masculine appeal. Steampunk has a lot of leniency with its character structures and clothing, so if you’re a femme who just loves to embrace your femininity but don’t want to lose out of the chance to explore some of the fun characters, you’re in luck! One thing we’ve always loved about steampunk is how it plays with gender norms. Gender and sexuality are loaded concepts in steampunk, […]

Can I wear a corset skirt to work and still look office appropriate?

We like to think that corset skirts are one of the sexiest pieces of clothing you can add to your closet, but we’re not biased or anything! Corset skirts are longer pencil or A-line skirts that include the lower portion of a bodice, laced in the front or back to mimic the appearance of effects of a traditional corset.   If you’re worried that sporting a laced up skirt to work might look a little too dominatrix for the average 9-to-5, we’re here to set you straight. While always popular in rockabilly or steampunk circles, we’ve been pretty pleased to […]