The Living Doll

Today we have the pleasure of talking with “The Living Doll” – what’s a living doll you say?  Well read on and find out 🙂 1) Who am I? I am Amber Kohahu Chan! Known around the world as the real Human doll! I am called a real life doll because I have a rare hereditary disease called Muscular Dystrophy that is slowly killing certain muscles in my body. And soon I will need more help with moving my body, just like a doll does.  But even when my body can’t walk any more that will never stop my love […]

Vixen Beauty Advice

What does it mean to be beautiful these days? The media makes it really confusing. I can’t decide if I should be ‘all about that bass’ and push for curves I may never have, or starve myself so I can look like the models in the ‘Free People’ catalogs. There’s no doubt that standards of beauty have transformed throughout the years, but luckily some wisdom about beauty has managed to survive. I collected some ‘beauty-isms’ from some of my favorite vintage glam goddesses to share with you lovely Vixens, in hopes of shedding some light on the topic. Hope it […]

Ivy Doom Kitty

Today in the virtual studio we would like to welcome Ivy Doom Kitty: 1) Who is Ivy Doom Kitty? Ivy Doomkitty is someone who is obsessed with cats, comic book villains, video games, and has a knack for belly dance and cake decorating. I’m also an advocate for body positivity and am heavily involved with a charity group to help save cats from high kill shelters in Southern California. I’d say that I try to follow my passion in life. 2) Where did you come from? The fires of Mount Doom 🙂 3) What are your hobbies and influences? Some […]