Ivy Doom Kitty

Today in the virtual studio we would like to welcome Ivy Doom Kitty: 1) Who is Ivy Doom Kitty? Ivy Doomkitty is someone who is obsessed with cats, comic book villains, video games, and has a knack for belly dance and cake decorating. I’m also an advocate for body positivity and am heavily involved with a charity group to help save cats from high kill shelters in Southern California. I’d say that I try to follow my passion in life. 2) Where did you come from? The fires of Mount Doom 🙂 3) What are your hobbies and influences? Some […]

Pin Up Video Tutorials

We at The Violet Vixen absolutely love our Pin Up Vixens and so we decided to curate a list of our favorite hair tutorial videos that you can try at home. 1. PinupDollAshleyMarie :  Love this tutorial! If you’ve ever had a bad hair day and only have 15 minutes to get out the house, then this Pin- Up tutorial is for you! A few twists of the curling iron, an adorable red scarf, and you’re out the house looking glam and on point. 2. Cherry Dollface – Cherry Dollface has tons of spunk and so watching her tutorials is great. The video […]

How to Wear Lingerie Like a French Woman

The French are lauded for great food, great style and great beauty. They exude a subtle sexiness that has less to do with looks and much more to do with confidence. This extends into how they wear lingerie and why. So here are a few tips we have on how to wear lingerie like a French woman. Don’t wear it for him Confidence is key, so buying lingerie only to impress a man will most certainly backfire on you. Major French lingerie brands are huge proponents in women wearing lingerie for themselves: for their comfort, their enjoyment and their feel. […]