Sexy in Red: Our Favorite Halloween Costumes the Color of Love

Red is the color of passion, of intensity, of sex and of anger. It elicits strong emotions and is associated with fire and with blood, which makes it a great color for Halloween! If you love Halloween and you love corsets, there may be a good chance you already own a red corset that you can use to integrate into your costume. If not, we highly recommend laying your hands on a red corset, not even just for Halloween, but also for year-round use! That being said, the costumes you can cook up with that red corset can be sexy, […]

Dressing Sexy at Halloween When You’re Plus Size

It can be hard being a plus size woman any day of the year, but nothing can feel quite so acutely ridiculous as walking into a Halloween store to try on the shreds of fabric they’re trying to sell as a costume for $60.00. I mean, what are you going to do that thing, wash your dishes? While sexy Halloween costumes may feel like they’re all aimed at size 2 and below, we’re here to reassure you that plus size and (and do) dress sexy at Halloween and rock it. Being plus size means you have some dramatic curves, and […]

Matching Your Necklaces to Your Neckline in Steampunk

Steampunk clothing is inspired by the Victorian aesthetic of the 1800s, which saw voluptuous skirts, slim waists, extravagant bustles and loads of frills. What was also happening during the Victorian era was a change in the necklines of women’s clothing. Exposed shoulders and necklines became de rigeur as corsets lost their straps to make room for these modern designs. While extravagant necklaces were not worn quite so often in the Victorian era, steampunk clothing demands accessories. This is because accessories are such a great way to show off personal creativity and further develop your character’s backstory. If you have a […]