4 Unexpected Designers Making Steampunk Clothes

High fashion doesn’t usually lend itself to niche science fiction trends, but that is exactly what’s happening with steampunk and these designers. While high fashion clothing can usually seem sleek, minimalist and entirely unattainable to the average person (both in price and style) many people were thrilled to see four major high fashion designers quietly embrace the trend and start churning out some decidedly haute couture steampunk clothes. Versace The Italian brand drew from steampunk inspiration for its 2013 line of men’s clothes, producing a range of striking leather and metal cross body holsters to accentuate their ultramodern suits. While […]

How Steampunk Is the Counterculture to Modern Sleek

The amazing world of steampunk allows people to embrace their love for all things neo-Victorian, sumptuous and historical. With steampunk elements showing up in everything from movies like The Prestige and The Golden Compass to couture fashion houses like Versace and Alexander McQueen releasing beautiful steampunk clothing, it’s no wonder that more and more people are interested in exploring the fascinating world of steampunk. Steampunk explores what may have been possible if Victorian era style, propulsion and machinery had today’s modern ideas. It also allows followers to entertain themselves with a fashion type so vastly different from today’s sleek lines […]

Why Old Is New Again and How Steampunk Became Mainstream

Based on the science fiction novels of the 1960s and 1970s, the term steampunk originated in the 1980s to described the neo-Victorian style of clothing and accessories that were a whimsical variant of the cyberpunk movement. At that time, steampunk was considered a pretty underground movement, with only dedicated fans seeking out costumes or creating identities based around this trend. Since this time, steampunk has risen through the ranks of general consciousness to become a very mainstream trend. So how did this happen? Gen X’ers and Millenials have started to reinvent the old and make it new again. These generations […]