Do Men Like Pink?

At what point do we no longer wear pink? Is it around the time of puberty, or when we become teenagers, or when our parents stop choosing our clothing for us? Pink is a color that elicits a lot of strong emotions with people. More so than any other intense color, pink seems to cause a love/hate reaction in men or women. While it has been a recent phenomenon for infant girls to be dressed in pink, it has been found that women may be more attracted to pink than originally thought. In fact, while a recent study showed that […]

DIY Your Own Peacock Tail

With the fall weather finally settling in, some people might be thinking about cute boots, winter sports, or a variety of pumpkin spiced snacks, but all the coolest kids are thinking about Halloween! If you’re a Halloween buff, you’ve probably been planning your costume for ages, but if you’re just getting started and still want to DIY it, don’t panic! We’ve got a super fun, cute and colorful DIY costume idea for you: a peacock! The base of your costume will be a tutu (which can be in black, green or blue), and a blue corset. A deeper blue corset […]

How to Wear Lingerie Like a French Woman

The French are lauded for great food, great style and great beauty. They exude a subtle sexiness that has less to do with looks and much more to do with confidence. This extends into how they wear lingerie and why. So here are a few tips we have on how to wear lingerie like a French woman. Don’t wear it for him Confidence is key, so buying lingerie only to impress a man will most certainly backfire on you. Major French lingerie brands are huge proponents in women wearing lingerie for themselves: for their comfort, their enjoyment and their feel. […]