Corset Myths Debunked

There’s no doubt that corsets have recently had a ‘comeback’ in the media, with stars like Kim Kardashian at the forefront showcasing a trendy waist trainer as she goes about her daily errands. First myth debunked: Kim doesn’t actually run ‘daily errands’. Now before we get started, let’s clear up what we are discussing. “Waist shapers” like the ones you see above (and all over Instagram) are a bit misleading. The term “waist training” comes from waist training with corsets where the corset has the ability to be laced tighter and tighter over time, thereby “training” the waist to accommodate […]

Waist training with corsets

Waist training is a gradual process of waist reduction using a steel boned corset and become an extreme method of body reshaping. The below article is provided for insight and understanding of the process. Also known as waist cinching or tight-lacing the practice came to prominence in Victorian times but has made something of a comeback in recent years with notable celebrities like Jessica Alba; confessing to garters and corsets as a way to quickly reduce weight around the stomach after childbirth. Wearing a tight-lacing corset, exercise and eating a healthy diet can radically reduce the waist of men and […]