How to Wear Red

Red can be an incredibly powerful and demanding color, which is why is it can be intimidating for so many people to wear it. In fact, red’s well-documented psychological effects show that people wearing red can be perceived as more confident and attractive, simply by wearing the color! On the other hand, it can be important to never wear red when you have to make demands or ask for something difficult, like a raise, because the color alone could make you seem pushy and overbearing.

When choosing a red item to wear, it’s important to know whether a warm tone red (more orange) or a cool tone red (more blue) would work best for you. This should be considered whether you’re choosing a red blazer or a red corset, since the color will negatively affect your skin tone if it’s too warm or too cool.

If you regularly look better in russets, oranges, yellows or fall tones in general, you’ll probably look better in warm reds. However, if you look better in bright, jewel tones like teal, magenta and royal blue, you will look better in a cool tone.

The amount of red you should wear in one outfit is a subjective one. Consider your day-to-day position when you are wearing red and how it might affect people’s views of you. If you need to be a leader at work, wearing a lot of red may alienate your employees. However, if you are going out for a hot date and want to look truly striking, a red dress might be just the ticket.

In the end, it’s all about how the color makes you feel. Some people never really feel at ease in a strong color like red, and there’s no harm in that. No matter what psychological tricks a color may play, natural confidence will always be more attractive.

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