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Can A Corset Help You Drop Weight?

While Jessica Alba claims it helped her get her incredible pre-baby body back in no time, can wearing a corset actually help you lose weight?

The corset diet advocates wearing a corset for six to eight hours a day, and even sleeping with it and you will magically watch the pounds melt off.

Since Jessica Alba’s pronouncement, ladies everywhere have been attempting to lose weight using the corset diet. Even the Kardashians have gotten into it, wearing a series of colorful waist trainers, in colors like pink, blue and even a green corset. So how is it supposed to work?

Essentially, the corset diet suggests that combining a waist-cinching corset with diet and exercise will help “train your waist” into staying trim and tight.

But does it work?

Unfortunately no. Medical physicians are quick to point out that the diet will only work due to diet and exercise and will have nothing to do with the corset. While your waist will look tighter and trimmer while the corset is on, the second it is off your waist will return to its natural size.

Another aspect that may inadvertently cause the diet to work is the fact that wearing the corset for such an extended period of time may also make it too uncomfortable for you to eat any meal close to the size you’re used to eating.

These waist trainers are also rarely traditional corsets that are correctly fitted to your body, but instead are stretchy bands of material that physically compress your body.

Not only can the corset diet not help you lose weight, it can also cause health problems, like acid reflux and trouble breathing.

If you do want to lose weight, use only the diet and exercise aspect of the “corset diet” and leave out the waist trainer.

If you do want to wear a corset, wear one only to help you appear thinner and for your clothes to fit better.

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