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Can A Corset Bruise Your Ribs?

Wearing a corset can be a hugely rewarding experience for women. Against popular belief, corsets can and are worn willingly by many women for the visual benefits they provide. Wearing a corset can help your posture, help your clothing lay flat, and of course, help your waist appear slimmer.

But can wearing a corset injure you?

While we have long ago discovered that the idea that a corset can actually rearrange your organs is false (apart from those who practice extreme tightlacing, a relatively uncommon practice), there are those that are concerned that a corset can still bruise your flesh and cause your muscles to ache.

While it is rare, a corset can bruise you, but one very specific issue usually causes this, and that is an ill-fitting corset. Corsets should be carefully fitted to the wearer. They are not a one-size-fits-all item that is then tightened down on the body. Instead, those purchasing corsets should discuss at length with the producer about fit and proper sizing to make sure the corset cinches the waist and smooth the torso, without pinching or squeezing.

If your corset is too small around the ribcage or too small around the hips, you may end up with the feeling of being bruised (muscle aches) or actual light bruising. This is only natural after wearing something for hours that is ill fitting.

Consider if you were to wear a pair of shoes that were one size too small and walk around in them all day, you would most certainly be in pain wouldn’t you?

So if your corset is properly sized and fitted to your body, you will not experience any issues and your blue corset won’t turn you black and blue. In fact, you should find your corset very comfortable and supportive and not feel constricted or have difficulty breathing while wearing it. If you do, you most likely have an ill-fitting corset and you will need to have it adjusted or (if it’s a cheap build) discard it altogether.

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