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Can I wear a corset skirt to work and still look office appropriate?

We like to think that corset skirts are one of the sexiest pieces of clothing you can add to your closet, but we’re not biased or anything! Corset skirts are longer pencil or A-line skirts that include the lower portion of a bodice, laced in the front or back to mimic the appearance of effects of a traditional corset.


If you’re worried that sporting a laced up skirt to work might look a little too dominatrix for the average 9-to-5, we’re here to set you straight. While always popular in rockabilly or steampunk circles, we’ve been pretty pleased to see corset skirts breaking onto the mainstream fashion market, with designers like Express and Zara offering variations of the corset skirt to wear to work. These corset skirts mimic the clean simplicity of pencil skirts, while offering a visual amuse bouche in the form of a corseted back, side or front panel.

While a traditional corset skirt like those worn in rockabilly or steampunk may actually function as a full corset, these work friendly variations are often only using the visual appeal of the lacing and are not meant to be used for waist shaping. All the same, they add a unique detail to the basic white button down and black pencil skirt outfit.

Another option would be to pair a black corset skirt with a silk tank top in a bright pop of blue or pink and then tone it all down to office standards with a neutral cardigan in a cream or white.

If you’re a lover of the A-line corset skirt, look to pair it with less visually detailed shirts so that the attention is all of the skirt’s volume and swing. The taught corset will make the skirt fan out even further, so this is a very vintage look that we love, especially for curvier women, since it dramatizes the hips while whittling down the waist.

Whether you wear your corset skirt to work, to cosplay or for fun, we recommend getting a skirt that’s a higher quality since, like all corsets, a cheaper one will only lump and bump in unappealing places and the laces will quickly fall apart.

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