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Choosing your shape with an overbust corset

Overbust corsets are what many people think of when they think of traditional corsets: a laced corset that extends from the top of the bust to the hip, with a sweetheart or square neckline.

These classic overbust corsets have been around for hundreds of years and act as support for the bust while adding shape to the waist. Many women are now rediscovering the joys of corsets and waist training and there has been a new boom that has allowed an entirely new crop of corsetieres to try their hand at making a variety of corsets and introducing the joy of waist shaping into the modern woman’s life.

An overbust corset allows you to alter the shape of your body to create a different silhouette by using lacing and boning to push your flesh into different shapes. The strong lacing will allow your waist to be shrunk by anywhere from 2 to 6 inches, depending on how much fat you have on your body, while your bust can be made to appear larger by having the flesh pushed up by the boning.

To minimize your waist without showcasing your breasts, look for an overbust corset with a square neckline that will help conceal your cleavage while still allowing your waist to be pulled in. If, on the other hand, you’d like to enhance your cleavage, corsets with sweetheart necklines will create emphasis on the cleavage and will often use cups to increase the size and smooth the shape of your breasts.

While you can use a corset with plastic boning, steel boning will be a much better choice for the long run. Plastic boned corsets are weaker and can create unsightly lumps or break easily and poke you. On the other hand, steel boning will slim and shape the body, give added support and be more durable.

If your looking to minimize your waist, you’ll want to be sure you’re wearing your corset on your anatomical waist. While this may seem like a given, it’s a common mistake beginners make since corsets have a tendency to creep up the body while their being laced. To prevent this, firmly hold your corset by its hem while someone else laces you in.

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