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How to DIY your own steampunk corset?

If you Google the words ‘steampunk corset’, you will be bombarded with image after image of beautiful, finely crafted corsets in everything from leather to lace to velvet and satin, all adorned with a variety of embellishments, from embroidery to patches to cogs and chains. Companies that specialize in creating intricate steampunk corsets are now easy to find online and can offer anything from sexy to demure. Of course, these works of art don’t always come cheap. A good, steel boned steampunk corset complete with embellishments and interesting details can quickly run into the hundreds of dollars.

If you’re on a budget but still want a gorgeous corset to go with your costume, you can use that steampunk creativity to create your own corset.Whether you start from scratch, or use a simple corset as a base, you have many options to make your own corset.

You can get as in depth as you’d like with this. Corset patterns that aren’t very technical are available on the net for free. If you have some skill with a sewing machine and access to a fabric shop, you can make your own corset from nuts to soup. Choose the lining fabric, the fashion fabric, the bones and the closures yourself and follow a pattern to create a one-of-a-kind corset.

If you already own a corset and would like to modify it to suit your needs, you can purchase different accessories to add to your corset. Leather straps and belts can add visual interest to your corset. Look to find inspiration for your steampunk corset by considering what your character would most use or wear. Watch chains or leather straps can add visual interest while adding steampunk corset detail to your corset. Consider adding rows of delicate chain running vertically down the sides of the waist or an embroidered panel on the chest (you can buy these ready made).

For the most part, making or modifying a corset isn’t terribly expensive. If you have the sewing machine already, costs will depend mostly on the fabric and bones you buy or the details you add.

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