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The importance of bridal lingerie

With your big day just around the corner, you may feel like you’ve been planning every minute detail down to the bows and favors. But have you considered your underwear? Bridal underwear and lingerie may seem like just another place where you have to spend your hard earned money for no reason, but bridal lingerie is a necessity when it comes to your big day.

Far beyond “just for show”, bridal lingerie serves an important purpose. Your wedding day is one of the few occasions where you will wear an elaborate formal dress that may make use of stays, closures and boning. Wedding dresses use heavy, high-quality material that needs support to maintain its shape.

If your wedding dress has a large skirt, it may need crinolines or petticoats to create volume and allow it to move freely of your body as you walk. On the other hand, if your dress is tight or silky, you may need the support of shapewear to create a smooth bodice for the dress to lie on.

Many wedding dresses now use illusion mesh and lace, especially on the bust. To stop yourself from being exposed, look to use a strapless, skin tone bra or a corset. Classic style corsets like Victorian corsets work best for this purpose, since they are simple and effective without heavy embellishment. If you are going to be wearing a corset, you’ll want to wear a camisole to stop it from being damaged by the oils of your skin. On the other hand, if your dress has a built-in corset, you may not require any undergarments on top since your tailor will probably be able to custom fit it to your body.

Once you’ve found the undergarments you’re going to be wearing under your dress, it’s important to bring them with you to all fittings. Your dress will fit differently if you’re not wearing the underwear that you’ll have on for your big day and it could mean that your fittings won’t go according to plan. Keep your corset, shapewear and slips with your dress so that you won’t forget them!

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