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DIY Your Own Peacock Tail

With the fall weather finally settling in, some people might be thinking about cute boots, winter sports, or a variety of pumpkin spiced snacks, but all the coolest kids are thinking about Halloween!

If you’re a Halloween buff, you’ve probably been planning your costume for ages, but if you’re just getting started and still want to DIY it, don’t panic! We’ve got a super fun, cute and colorful DIY costume idea for you: a peacock!

The base of your costume will be a tutu (which can be in black, green or blue), and a blue corset. A deeper blue corset will better mimic the sapphire color of the peacock’s coloring better than black.

The main part of your costume is your peacock tail.

To start, you’ll want some peacock feathers. These can be purchased in bulk from online supply stores or from arts and crafts stores. Relatively inexpensive, we recommend getting a good amount of these since you will use them throughout the costume.

You can make your peacock “tail” by attaching the feathers directly to the corset or to a piece of firm cardboard. In this instance, we’ll assume you want to keep your corset, so cut out a half-moon of cardboard and glue the feathers tight in a fan pattern. Make sure all the bases of the feathers touch, similar to how they would on a peacock. Cover the exposed cardboard and feather tips with petals of green and blue fabric.

You can attach the tail to your back using a bedazzled belt, or get elastic straps and attach it to your shoulders, similar to angel wings so that it fans over your head.  From here, you can use different accessories like a mask, makeup or a headband with an attached feather to complete your look.

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