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Do Men Like Pink?

At what point do we no longer wear pink? Is it around the time of puberty, or when we become teenagers, or when our parents stop choosing our clothing for us? Pink is a color that elicits a lot of strong emotions with people. More so than any other intense color, pink seems to cause a love/hate reaction in men or women.

While it has been a recent phenomenon for infant girls to be dressed in pink, it has been found that women may be more attracted to pink than originally thought. In fact, while a recent study showed that both men and women prefer blue, women were more likely to choose a blue that had hints of pink, such as lilac or mauve, while the men went for truer blues.

Men often see pink as being representative of negative stereotypes, which may cause them to shy away from wearing it themselves, but that doesn’t mean they don’t like it on women. Pink is seen as soft, flirty and feminine. That being said, too much pink can make the wearer seem like they are high maintenance and difficult, which isn’t very flattering. Instead, we recommend you wear pink the way you would wear red: in moderation and in the right shade.

As for pink lingerie? Men have been said to show a definite preference for it over other colors such as green or yellow, but it doesn’t sit at the top of the list. Men will often choose black or white lingerie over something like a pink corset or a yellow teddy.

When wearing it for you, pink can still be a mature and sophisticated color when worn in moderation and in a well-structured outfit. Consider a bright pink pashmina over a black dress or a well-tailored, pale pink blazer.

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