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Wedding Dress Corsets and What They Do

On your wedding day, you’re going to have so much going on that the last thing you’re going to want to worry about is your underwear. You may be surprised to learn that the underwear you choose to wear beneath your dress can play a huge roll in how well your dress fits, how comfortable you are, and, in turn, how much you enjoy your day.

There are not many times in a woman’s life where you will wear a dress as dramatic as your wedding dress. Whether it has hand beading, double-layered lace, an illusion neckline or a 9-layer crinoline, a wedding dress is an impressive piece of clothing.

But the dress does not stand alone, and beneath every good dress is even better underwear.

If you’re wearing a strapless dress: get a seamless bustier

A bustier will provide support, structure and lift for your bust and will give your torso a smooth canvas for your dress to sit on. These pieces look like a white corset without the lacing, since they will usually use eyehooks for a smoother back.

If you’re wearing a backless gown: a backless, strapless bridal body

These long, linear bustiers are (as the name suggests) backless and strapless (though some will have attachable halter straps). They provide support for the bust and a smooth torso while still leaving your back bare. They work by using silicone adhesives to stay attached your body.

If you’re wearing a dress with some serious cleavage: a U-bra

If you’re amping up the sexy for your wedding and choosing a gown with a deep V, you’ll want to use a U-bra. These “U” shaped bras provide lift and separation but the section between the cups drops far down onto the rib cage, concealing it in a low-cut dress.

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