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How to Diy Your Own Female Riddler Costume

If you’re a fan of all things that lurk the dark alleys of Gotham but are tired of the influx of Batmans, Harley Quinns and Jokers that have been flooding Halloween stores the past few years, consider trying out one of the lesser villains of DC universe and try your hand at the Riddler.

Most often dressed in a dashing green suit or a jumpsuit with question marks, the Riddler is unquestionably stylish, if not questionably evil. If you want to rock the Riddler look without sacrificing your feminine wiles, we have a DIY plan for you!

First off, you have to get some green. This is basically non-negotiable since the Riddler is always decked out in green. Lucky for you though, he is also sometimes shown wearing purple boots, a purple vest or even purple pants.  Once you’ve decided on your base outfit (be it purple or green) you’ll need to figure out how to put it together.

We recommend a purple corset over a green button down to emphasize your waist and amp up the sexiness while still staying canon. From there, purple, slim fitting pants (if you can find them) or dark green if you can’t.  Your coat may prove a bit tricky since Riddler is known to rock a perfectly tailored green blazer or sports coat. If you have the time and the know-how, we recommend haunting the thrift shop until you find a green coat and then having it tailored.

Next, come the accessories, two key pieces are the Riddler’s cane and his hat. The gold question mark cane can be fashioned out of a regular cane with a plaster or even a painted duct tape top. For the hat, look for green velvet or felt and then accessorize it with a simple purple band.

The Riddler often wears a purple mask as well. This is as simple as going to the local craft store and finding a masquerade mask in purple or that you can paint purple.

Voila! Your Riddler outfit is ready to hit the town and cause some mischief.

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