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Are Front-laced Tops Really Corset Tops?

In the 1990s, corset tops were everywhere. From celebrities to fashion shows, to big box clothing stores, corset tops were in. Cinched in at the waist with wide straps and a square neckline, they may not have been the most universally flattering items but they sure were popular.

After falling out of fashion for quite some years, corset tops seem to be making a comeback, but are they really?

These new corset tops certainly look different than their 1990s predecessors. While the 90s saw darted waists and V stitching down the front to draw your eye down the slimmest part of the body to the (often exposed) belly button, these new corset tops play by different rules.

Often longer and looser, the new corset top integrates lacing directly into the garment, and it does so up the front. These laces are to be seen and admired, though they don’t really serve many purposes to actually cinch the waist and can rarely be tightened without making the top appear strange.

Instead, they offer the visual appeal of a flat panel of crisscrossing laces just over the natural waist and stomach. This is all an illusion to make the wearer appear slimmer since the “corset” part of the top is often narrower than the rest of the garment.

While still holding the element of sex, these modern corset-inspired tops are workplace friendly and quite modest.

But are they actually a corset top?

While they may have elements of the corset in their lacing, we disagree that these fashion items are the new corset tops. Instead, we see them as a shout-out to corsets and corset tops and a more accessible, fashion-forward version of an item many women are still uncertain whether they want to try wearing.

While we love these tops for their chic style (and in many instances prefer them over the corset tops of old), they definitely have less rigidity and structure than their older counterparts. For this, we think they should be gifted their very own name.

Now it’s just a matter of figuring out what that might be.

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