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Going Steampunk for Halloween

With Halloween just around the corner, plenty of people are thinking about what they’ll be wearing to wander the streets, attend a house party, or give out candy to the kiddies in.

If you’ve been looking to try steampunk or are already someone who loves steampunk, Halloween is a perfect time to really embrace the creativity that steampunk clothing can allow.

You can have two options when it comes to steampunk Halloween costumes: make your own or buy one ready-to-wear.

If you’re looking to buy, this is the rare time of year when you will actually be able to find steampunk dresses, accessories, and clothing hanging on the racks of your local Halloween costume store. While the variety can’t be beaten, these costumes are mass-produced so won’t be made to the absolute highest quality. After all, most people will only be wearing them for one brief evening. Steampunk dresses sold in Halloween stores can also be a bit saucy, with higher cut skirts and lower cut bodices than you may be 100% comfortable with.

That being said, you can’t beat the pricing and availability that these stores offer.

If you’re looking to try your hand at making your own steampunk costume, you will still find lots of benefit in doing around Halloween. From crinolines to accessories, you can make use of cheap items sold in costume stores and then dress it up to match the overall tone of your outfit.

As for the outfit itself? Some people go all out and sew their own steampunk dress or outfit, but if you’re not a wizard at the sewing machine, thrift shops are an amazing place to find vintage-inspired goods to make your steampunk ideas come through. Look for high necks, eyelet lace, tweed jackets and heavy, pleated skirts. Even if things don’t fit exactly, know that the expense of having a tailor modify the clothing is a lot cheaper than having it all made new.

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