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Matching Your Necklaces to Your Neckline in Steampunk

Steampunk clothing is inspired by the Victorian aesthetic of the 1800s, which saw voluptuous skirts, slim waists, extravagant bustles and loads of frills. What was also happening during the Victorian era was a change in the necklines of women’s clothing. Exposed shoulders and necklines became de rigeur as corsets lost their straps to make room for these modern designs.

While extravagant necklaces were not worn quite so often in the Victorian era, steampunk clothing demands accessories. This is because accessories are such a great way to show off personal creativity and further develop your character’s backstory.

If you have a deep love for steampunk jewelry, you have probably purchased loads of unique and fascinating necklaces to wear with your outfits, but have you ever considered how your necklaces match your neckline?

It’s all well and good to use a necklace to further define your outfit, but steampunk clothing, like any clothing, should still flatter the wearer. To avoid looking like you loaded on your grandmother’s costume jewelry over a T-shirt, here are a few tips for matching your necklaces to your neckline.

If you’re wearing a high-neck dress or top, a statement necklace can work well. The flat fabric will provide a good background for the statement necklace, allowing it to take all the attention without clashing.

If you’re wearing an off the shoulder dress, a choker with a cameo will elongate your neck while not drawing attention away from your lovely décolletage.

Finally, a square cut top or boat neck dress will benefit from a long, layered necklace, like a looped strand of pearls, which will give visual length and a break from the straight across the cut of the dress.

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