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Dressing Sexy at Halloween When You’re Plus Size

It can be hard being a plus size woman any day of the year, but nothing can feel quite so acutely ridiculous as walking into a Halloween store to try on the shreds of fabric they’re trying to sell as a costume for $60.00.

I mean, what are you going to do that thing, wash your dishes?

While sexy Halloween costumes may feel like they’re all aimed at size 2 and below, we’re here to reassure you that plus size and (and do) dress sexy at Halloween and rock it.

Being plus size means you have some dramatic curves, and there’s no better time to rock that than at Halloween. Whether it be in a mermaid costume or a sexy she-villain jumpsuit, you can go for intense sex appeal with that body, it’s all just a matter of knowing what works best for you.

Period costumes and Disney heroines can be a surprisingly great source of Halloween inspiration. Most of these characters work large, hoop skirts, which flatter those with wider hips. To achieve the petite waist the characters are pictured with, look into plus size corsets. These babies will lend tons of structure to a period costume.

If you want to be a Catwoman villainess, the thought of a skintight jumpsuit may turn you off. Instead, pair black leggings with a belted, black tunic to get the base. From there, embellish your top by slicing the arms or finding one with an interesting back. Throw on some kitty ears, grab a whip, and slip into some leather boots for one sexy ensemble.

If you want to go super sexy this Halloween and rock the Elvira look, look for plus size corsets with a deep-V front and interesting embellishments. Cinch in your waist over a long, flowing black skirt and a flowy black top and add a bouffant black wig to make everyone stop and stare. Let’s be honest, we do have some of the best assets, after all.

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