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Sexy in Red: Our Favorite Halloween Costumes the Color of Love

Red is the color of passion, of intensity, of sex and of anger. It elicits strong emotions and is associated with fire and with blood, which makes it a great color for Halloween!

If you love Halloween and you love corsets, there may be a good chance you already own a red corset that you can use to integrate into your costume. If not, we highly recommend laying your hands on a red corset, not even just for Halloween, but also for year-round use!

That being said, the costumes you can cook up with that red corset can be sexy, sultry and fun. Here are four of our favorite sexy, red Halloween costume ideas. 

Not-so-little red Riding Hood

Little red riding hood is all grown up! Style your Little Red Riding Hood costume with a red corset as your base. You’ll need a short, frilly skirt and a long red cape to complete this outfit, and don’t forget a basket!

Betty Boop

Betty Boop was known for her saucy red dress and flapper style hair, channel this by finding a slinky red number, red stilettos, a short, black, flapper-style wig and large hoop earrings. Don’t forget that heart garter!

The Devil Herself

The devil always wears red! Channel your inner demon with black, leather leggings, a red top, and horns, accessorizing with your very own pitchfork! If you have a black or red corset, you can up the sexy factor by wearing that over a black button down.

Minnie Mouse

Minnie was a looker and her red polka dot dress sure was memorable! Get her look by hitting the thrift shops for that memorable red dress. Can’t find it? Try finding a plain red dress and then pasting white circles on it. You will also need a short, fluffy white crinoline and of course, those big, black mouse ears!

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