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5 Ways To Wear A Corset To Dinner And Still Look Classy

It can be hard to sell a corset as an appropriate item to wear to dinner, but we can assure you that you can look chic and classy wearing a corset to dinner, so long as you pair it well.

Here are 5 ways we suggest wearing a corset to dinner that will still let you look classy and put together.

  1. White corset and black mini skirt

This is a fun look that mixes a black mini skirt and a plain white corset. This simple outfit allows you to show off your shoulders and your legs in this great, simple outfit. With the color block look of black and white means you can accessorize with a brightly colored blazer, shoes, or a statement necklace depending on the place that you are going to.

  1. Corset, black palazzo pants and blush blazer

This look works great with any neutral colored corset. Add a pair of black, palazzo pants and some strappy heels with a blush blazer as a pop of color to look stylish and sexy.

  1. Corset, black high-waisted jeans and burgundy blazer

Pair a corset with a pair of black, high-waisted jeans with a rich, burgundy blazer to create a beautiful silhouette. The high-waisted jeans can help if your corset is cut a little high and you’d rather not show your tummy.

  1. Corset and pleated, A-line skirt

This outfit taps into your romantic side. Pair a white corset with a soft, pale pink and pleated A-line skirt that will provide movement and shape. The corset can have straps if you’d like, or if you feel a bit too uncovered, pair it with a cropped, dove gray cardigan.

  1. Corset, tapered pants and tuxedo blazer

Need to go from the office to downtown? You can wear your corset to work if you pair it with a pair of black, tapered pants that cut close to the body and a tuxedo style blazer with a satin lapel. Don’t want anyone to see your corset at work? Belt your blazer!

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