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Nouvue Suede Mask - Violet Vixen

Mystery Lace Masks

Nouvue Suede Mask - Violet VixenIf you consider yourself an adventurous beauty addict that is seeking the next exciting fashion thrill, then look no further than to these self-applied intricate eye makeup patterns.

Straight off the runway’s of Europe, The Violet Vixen is excited to bring you this new adventure in high fashion makeup. Previously available only in the UK, France, Germany, Switzerland and Australia, The Violet Vixen is excited to be one of the first retailers in the USA to carry this cutting edge product.

mini_eyelaces_swirlyque.Hero__19214.1373150102.1280.1280Ever wish you had the time or the money to hire professional makeup artists before you seduce the city? Now you too can adorn your face with mind-blowing make-up in just minutes. These mini-masks are non-fade, non-smudge range of ready-to-wear make up designs that will instantly turn you into the It Girl. Apply them in less than a minute but look like you had your own personal makeup artist working on you for hours!

So what is it exactly?

The intricately cut detail applique has an adhesive that is a hypoallergenic medical adhesive backing, which has been used for several decades, and has been approved for cosmetic use. Although you should be careful not to get the Face Lace in your eye, or ingest it. It is a semi-reusable applique that can be applied over makeup around the eyes. (See the below diagram.)



1. Can I reuse my Face Lace?

Yes if it has gone over clean skin, (without make-up) and you have put it back on the backing sheet after wearing, you should be able to wear it again. If carefully cared for they can be reapplied a couple of times.

2. Can I use Face Lace over make up (foundation, eye-shadow, etc)?

Yes you can, although we recommend for better results to use over clean skin and minimal make up on.

3. What do I do if it gets tangled up?

If one tiny section gets stuck to another, you can get a toothpick or something else thin and pointy and pry the stuck bits apart, the laces are quite strong. if you pick the stuck bits apart slowly the laces won’t break. Please refer to the drawings on the instruction sheet from your Face Lace box or check the designs here on the website.

4. What to do if the lace won’t lay flat on my skin?

You may have some tiny section stuck together, please check with the illustration of the design on the instruction sheet, then pick apart the glued section. You may also have tiny folds if a large design is put over a browbone of deep set eyes.

5. What if my eyes are really small or large?

You can make small adjustments in the positioning as shown

Face•Lace - Different eye placements

6. What is the adhesive used in Face Lace

The Adhesive is a hypoallergenic medical adhesive, which has been used for several decades, and has been approved for cosmetic use. Although you should be careful not to get the Face Lace in your eye, or ingest it.

7. How and Where do I apply the Eye Laces?

9. Are there any colors other than black available?

All Eye laces come in black finish.  Masks and Demi-veils have 3 different finishes:  black, white and satin gold.  Renaissance mask only come in black and satin gold.

11. Do Face-Lace designs come as a pair?

All Eye Laces, Eye Lace Minis and Eye Lace Doddles come as a pair, one for each eye.   Mehndoodles Masks and Demi-Veils come as one piece.  Playsheets are 50 individual shapes to create your own design.

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