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How to size your corset

sizing1With so many numbers out there picking the right size corset for your body can be quite intimidating. We have tried to cover some quick basics and F.A.Q’s to help you pick the right size. If you are still having difficulty please consult our free Corset consultation service found here.

The number one thing you can do to make sure that you get the right size is to actually measure yourself! Don’t Guess!

The second thing would be to lean toward your largest measurement if you find you are between sizes. It’s easier to cinch in more on the waist than it is to grow space for your chest!

Many people think they can guess but all too often a guess is just not as exact as an inch! Find yourself a flexible measuring tape or use a piece of string that you can measure against a hard ruler. Don’t try to guess by using a hard ruler on your sassy curvy self! An inch can make all the difference!
Violet Vixen Corset Sizing Guide
We have included our size chart in each individual corset description to help alleviate sizing confusion. Please refer to the provided charts to ensure the best fit possible. Because each manufacturer is different, do not assume you will be the same size in all corsets.

Most corsets will fit 90% of all body types if they are sized correctly; however, we have provided more specific advice for those looking to get the most detailed information about their body type because every Vixen is special.

Corest Size Guide

Key corset dimensions:

  1. Natural Waist Line: Use a natural waist line measurement (waist at rest without shaper or corset).  Authentic corsets will generally be able to reduce your natural waist dimension by 3-5 inches, while a Costume corsets should not be utilized for waist reduction.
  2. Front Length: This is the dimension from the bottom most part of the corset in the front, generally between your breasts to the very bottom of the corset.
  3. Bust to Bottom Length: Critical for those with long torso because it tells you if the corset will be long enough for your toros. If you are a tall girl, please pay attention to this measurement.
  4. Back Length: The total length of the corset in back, generally only critical to those with a long torso.
  5. Bust: This is the total circumference of the fullest part of your bust.  If you have a larger bust (C cup or larger) make sure to size for your bust size over any other dimension to prevent “fall out” in the case of an overbust corset.
  6. Hip: This is the total circumference of the fullest part of your hips.


Average Build

Description: You are an average build and a semi-curvy frame. You have a medium to large bust and a smaller waist. You have a naturally rounded bottom.

Ideal choices: Almost any corset type and shape will work for you. To accent your bustline go for a sweetheart neckline in a fashion over bust corset or any of our professional corset styles for waist reducation to achieve that hourglass silhouette.

Suggestions: Show off your curvy figure with any corset. It’s just a matter of your preference and style. A full skirt and a cinched waist with a sweetheart neckline will accentuate those curves and bustline.


Tall and Slim

Description: You are 5’8″ or taller, slim, your shoulders and hips are approximately the same width, and you have an average sized bust.

Ideal corset choices: The longer front length styles such as 15″ to 18″ inch or longer heights are important to you. Its very important that you pay attention to the vertical height of a corset as an “average” corset length may place an “average” bust-line  below your natural bust-line. Please consult our Corset consultation staff for more details if you are unsure. You may also wish to select a corset style with high curved over-bust pattern verses something that is more of a flat scalloped line. We find that tall slim girls can cinch up a bit more than our curvy girls so if you are between sizes, round down in size.

Suggestions: Pair any of our longer styles with a gorgeous skirt with a slit to reveal your long legs.


Short and Petite

Description: You are 5’3″or shorter and have a small body frame. You are trim with subtle curves and you have an average sized bust that is proportional to your body.

Ideal Corset Choices: Shorter front length corset styles such as 14 inch overbust corset or perhaps an underbust to help accentuate your bustline and create a longer you.

Suggestions: The shorter overbust styles will look great on you and help to accent your bustline. Wear a dress in the same color as your corset with a short hemline and instantly look taller.


Full-Figured Short

Description: You are shorter, but have a large frame with very noticeable curves and a large bust.

Ideal choices: Try the 14 inch over bust corsets or any underbust styles to ensure fit and comfort. We recommend that you stick to our Authentic corset line in order to get maximum support, shaping and long term wear out of our purchase.

Suggestions: Try fabrics in the same color as the corset of your choice that won’t cling to every curve to make you appear taller, because your lines will be uniform and not broken up.  A corseted waist will highlight your curves and hide a fuller bottom.


Full Figured Tall

Description: You are 5’8″ or taller, full figured and have visible curves. Your shoulders and hips are approximately the same width and you have a large bust.

Suggestions: If you are unusually slim with unusually larger than average breasts for your waist line consider ordering a size up from your natural waist line and then cinching the waist tighter. Pay attention to your bust size more than any dimension.  We commonly have returns from extra endowed women who have trouble “falling out” of their corsets. If you commonly struggle with a smaller waist and larger bosom and have had problems with other corsets in the past please try this sizing method.

If you are tall you should also focus on the total length of the corset and follow the size chart for that corset. Do not hope that an average height corset will match your tall frame especially if you are full figured. Please consult our Corset consultation service if you have concerns or wish to see recommendations.

Suggestions: Pair any of these gorgeous styles with a skirt with a slit in the same color as your corset to reveal your long legs and make you appear slimmer.


Big Busted

Description: You are short or tall and have a C cup or larger.

Ideal Corset Choices: If you are proportionally sized for your figure our Authentic steel boned corsets are the way to go and size quite nicely for larger bosoms. When you measure yourself, check your measurements against the chart and go with the size that matches your largest dimensions.  If however you have extreme variants in your proportions like a 22″ waist with 46″ breasts or if you commonly buy an XXL bikini top and a S bikini bottom, you already know that you are a difficult fit.  If you size appropriately for your bust, you can certainly be eye-popping in an overbust corset; however, it might be best to start out with an underbust corset the larger your bust (DD and larger and then work with our corset consultant to figure out the best overbust for you).  The majority of our returns are women who have a disproportionately sized bust compared to their hips and waists – size for your largest asset lovelies 🙂

Suggestions: The Authentic line of corsets has a huge size range that will help you pick the correct size and will give you added support to accentuate your curves. Also, try a halter style that can be adjusted according to the support you need.


Small Busted

Description: You are short or tall and have an A cup or smaller.

Ideal Corset Choices: Obviously, you still need the appropriate length style for your torso, but perhaps something with wilder colors, or those with ribbons or bows to help increase volume.

Suggestions: Spice it up – great neck or shoulders – accentuate them with a choker or jewelry. Wear a dress in the same color as your corset with a short hemline and instantly look taller. Or, if you are taller wear a skirt with a slit to accentuate those long legs.



Description: You are short or tall. You have wide shoulders and a muscular build.

Ideal Choices: Almost any corset type and shape will work for you. To accent your bustline go for the sweetheart neckline in the longer length overbust corset styles. You could also consider some minor waist cinching with our professional line to really accentuate those awesome neck and shoulder lines.

Suggestions: Show off your lithe figure with any corset and leave your shoulders uncovered to make them appear smaller while showing off that hard work. A halter style neckline corset or any strapless style will slim the midsection and produce an hourglass silhouette.

Now get to shopping our wonderful corset selection 🙂

Comments: 44

  • Angie July 24, 2013 8:04 pm

    You suggest 15 to 18 inch length for tall women yet you do that have much of anything to choose from in that category? Especially if I am looking for a deal. If you have to specially make every authentic corset anyways then why can’t you make any of them in the longer length for long torsos?

  • vicki August 4, 2013 12:07 pm

    Is there a store in Texas that I can go to and try on corsets versus reading about them online and guessing and hoping I measured correctly? I hate to shop on line. I love to feel and try on my clothes before I buy them due to I am not the one for returning and all of that due to its a headache and the waiting. I normally wear 2x clothing but 2x is not available here cause it looks like a 2x is way smaller that in clothes vs corsets, help please. A plus size person don’t like measuring and all of that nonsense just for the record and it hinders us from shopping. We just want a 2x to be a 2x (size 18-20).All of this math makes my head hurts and girl, I flunked math. ha Thanks

  • Jessica October 24, 2013 2:12 am

    What size would one pick for the natural waistline if they’re not interested in waist training? I love some of your “authentic” corsets, but I don’t want to reduce my waist. Suggestions?

  • Robyn February 27, 2014 6:06 pm

    You suggest a 15″ length corset for those of us over 5’8″? I drew a tape measure to 15.5″ and that is SHOULDER TO HIP on me. I guess I need to get completely custom corsets.

  • Andrea February 27, 2014 7:25 pm

    Great answer!

  • Dawn March 14, 2014 3:35 pm

    What is “waist training”?

  • Jen April 2, 2014 11:06 pm

    Hi. I would love to purchase one of your authentic corsets. However, I am not really interested in waist training because my measurements are 36DD-34-48. As you can see, I am already small in the waist, considering my hips. So… what size should I get??

  • Cara April 4, 2014 12:34 pm

    I am 5′ 9″ with a bust of 37″ and a waist of 28.5″ and a hip of 34″ my bust to bottom length is 16″ while my front length is 14″ would i be considered a full figured tall?

  • Cara April 7, 2014 3:54 pm

    i have put in for the corset consultation and haven’t received a reply yet.

  • Dee April 21, 2014 2:38 pm

    i have a pregnant belly (starts about 2″ below the middle of my breast bone) due to 5 surgeries below my belly button. tried to firm it up but no go too many cut muscles and now i am developing a roll at the bottom of the belly. don’t have much of a waist line and am short waisted with long legs. I love corsets both real and decorative. but don’t really know how to go about taking measurements, or what the appropriate length would be with my stomach the way it is built. I am definately tired of going around looking pregnant at my age (67) and being asked when i am due. i look younger than my age. i wear a 44-46 D bra depending on the style and really hate wearing bras lol and have since i was 18

  • allaboutnothing April 23, 2014 9:49 pm

    I really want to order my corset tomorrow could you please get back to me ASAP.
    My bust is 44 1/2 inches, my waist is 39 inches and my hips are 47inches. I am going to be ordering ALUSTRIAL CLOUD CAPTAIN WHITE CORSET. I’m not sure what size to order. Please get back to me soon! Thanks.

  • Renee Ismail May 19, 2014 12:33 pm


    I have gotten pretty good at properly sizing myself for corsets. What I am concerned about are the little jacket/boleros. I have large arms and broad shoulders and can’t find a sizing chart for those.


  • tanya June 2, 2014 10:56 pm

    Ive been looking at yalls corsets for some time because I love the styles and the prices overall are decent. My thing is though I normally get a sweetheart corset but as of late I found that I might be needing an underbust corset for waist training (I’m walking in a wedding and after 4 kids I’m looking a little pudgy in the dress im to wear). Im not sure how I would go about sizing myself for an item like that, any suggestions?

  • natalie December 5, 2014 1:34 pm

    Im 6foot1, with a smaller chest, but larger hips (bigger on the bottom) Im confused as to what would fit me personally….

  • Christine December 29, 2014 1:09 pm

    I need measurement help. I understand how to take a bust measurement, and I’m pretty certain I can figure out my hips, but where exactly is the waist? I mean, everyone gives a different answer, to being right below the breast line to the bottom of the rib cage to just above the hips. Since all three of those are different measurements, where should I take from?

    I’m short and petite, with a small bust, so I’m not looking for waist training, I’m naturally thin and a friend that wears corsets daily said I’d look good and it may help my back (I’m a chronic sloucher). I already know I’ve got a short torso. I don’t know if it means anything, but when I lie flat my ribs are clearly defined and I literally have no breasts.

    I’m quite interested in a daily wear “costume” corset (as said, I don’t need waist training), but I’m clueless.

  • Gigi January 2, 2015 6:16 am

    Thank you for the most comprehensive post I’ve found on proper sizing for a corset!!

    I’m a difficult fit, as I am 5″ tall, 110 lbs, with a 34DD bust, 30″ waist (ugh) and 36″ hips. I am very interested in waist training as I feel “dumpy” with my current waist measurements. My rib cage is disproportionately large, so I feel I need to train that area as well. Measuring my rib cage, about half way between my bust and waist, it is 35″.

    I am looking at The Absolute Cherry Pop Red & White corset. I think I have my measurements correct, so my question is, do you think this corset can help with both waist and rib cage training?

    I do not want a muffin top under my arms!! I’ve bought other corsets and this is my biggest issue! All that fat from my ribs just…. Rolls out. I want to feel like a real Vixen, but at this point, I’m more a badger, haha!

  • Revenwyn January 5, 2015 9:47 pm

    The “corset consultation” didn’t help me at all to try to figure out my corset size. I tried that first. I’m 5’4″, with a longer torso and shorter legs. I have no waist, instead of curving inward, my ribs actually jut out below my by bust, like a barrel. I wear a 38 band, have a 42-43 inch bust (depending on time of month), but about an inch below my bra band my ribs jut out by 2 inches, increasing to 40! This causes me to always have a “bump” in front like I’m a bit pregnant, even though my stomach is flat. The smallest part of my “waist” is directly above my hips, where I’d wear my pants. I’m about 38 or 39 where the suggested “natural waist” is. My hips are also 42-43. Oh, and my ribs are bony.

    I’ve gotten a waist-training underbust corset before for a 34, and there was too much gap at the top of it that couldn’t be cinched in, and also too much gap at the hips. It went down to my waist and hips in the back, but didn’t even reach to the top of my panties in the front (thanks to my splendid little bump.) Also I really want an overbust corset, and I see that an overbust corset would be too big for my bust at a 34. So what to do? Am I just one of those women who can’t wear a corset, or will need a completely custom made one?

  • Revenwyn January 21, 2015 6:07 pm

    I included all this information, she said to get a 34 but didn’t tell me whether it would work in my bust or be too big.

  • Keara January 26, 2015 7:15 am

    OMG!! I love this site! Your corsets are beautiful and pretty cheap in terms of corsets… I’ve been interested in corsets for some time but haven’t been able to afford anything more than spanks and stuff from the department store lol semi functional but not very sexy…
    I’m currently about 6 months pregnant so there’s no hope for my current figure, but after the baby, I’d really like to get one and work on waist training. My question is, how adjustable are they? If I get one in one size, will it help me through to smaller sizes, or am I looking at purchasing another one pretty quickly? I will be breastfeeding so I’ll be looking for under bust to start. Also, how long after the baby is born should I wait before measuring for and ordering a corset?

  • Tina March 14, 2015 11:06 am

    Hi…I was looking for a waist trainer Im not sure how to size the one i might need’ i wear a extra large in shirts and 15 in jeans..Im 5″3 and 210 lbs and need to know what size will you recommend?

  • Rebeka Worthington June 13, 2015 1:34 am

    Um I have a 47″ waist, but your consultation thingy only goes to 45? What should I do?

  • Joann October 5, 2015 8:57 am

    For the waist training corsets, should I go a couple of sizes smaller?

  • Stephanie August 8, 2016 9:45 pm

    I recently purchased the Leather assassin corset in a 28 and I am in love with it. However, the top of it does not hug my chest the way it should. There is way too much room up there. I feel like the girls are being swallowed. I’m not sure if this corset was made for a bustier lady or if I measured myself incorrectly. I need help to figure this out. I would love to rock this corset, as well as future ones.

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