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Costume corsets compared to authentic corsets

“Costume” vs. “Authentic”

So, here you are; a new corset shopper with only the desire to be totally awesome and try these super cute, super sexy corsets. But what is the difference between the “Costume” and the “Authentic” naming convention and how do you know which category is right for you?

Here are some very short notes on the differences between cost points of corsets.

Black_White_Burlesque_Corset_grandeCostume corsets are known for their lower price point, lighter-weight materials, ribbon lacing and more ruffled and unique designs. Most have acrylic boning, which is not very durable or comfortable. They are fun and interchangeable for fashionistas and can be worn for special events, dances, a bedroom romp or other activities but they are not the quality level that is required for waist training or plus size women who are looking to considerably alter their silhouette once laced. They are are limited in size and are subject to fluctuating availability.

On the plus side, the Costume corset line is a lower level investment and an easy way to get introduced into the world of corsets. Their fun and bright designs lend themselves to club, dance, bedroom or other festive occasions.The lower price point means you can try different looks for different occasions or events and the lighter weight fabric lends itself well to summer months.

On the down side, the Costume corsets are manufactured with lighter-weight materials which means that they are not as durable as the Authentic Corsets and are not the type of corsets that should be considered for daily wear, waist training or having the durability to substantially body shape larger women. We include the Costume corsets line primarily for girls who are looking for fun ways to add flair to their wardrobe but who are perhaps not ready for more dedicated corsetry.

Care Notes: Do NOT machine wash your corset or put your corset in the dryer! Costume corsets should never be dried with heat or left in the sun because the acrylic boning could warp. Light surface washing or spot care is recommended when needed. Line drying or air drying is recommended if your corset gets wet. Dry-cleaning is recommended only as a last resort and should only be done by a dry-cleaner that has experience with corsets. Wearing a thin undergarment such as a thin tank-top or very light-weight t-shirt with the neck and sleeves removed is a practical way to protect your corset from staining and body oils if you are planning on extended wear or heavy dancing where you may perspire. The

RougeAffair.scrollingOur Authentic corsets are of heavier fabric, sturdy steel boning, strong cord lacing or thick ribbon and durable grommets. They are great for everyday wear and easily paired with skirts, slacks and even jeans. All of them feature two types of steel boning, flat and spiral steel. Flat boning is used in the front and back of the corsets to really flatten the belly and support the spine while spiral boning is used on the sides for flexibility with curves.

On the plus side, the Authentic corset series always features top notch materials and construction. You will notice an immediate weight difference when comparing a Costume corset to an Authentic corset that is practically measurable in pounds. The Authentic corsets all feature very strong cord lacing or sturdy ribbon which means that you can cinch them tighter overtime as you wish or as your weight loss or waist training goals allow. The steal boning is extremely supportive, encourages perfect posture and conditions you to “breath through your breasts” by standing up straight so that your upper lungs can have fuller volume when breathing. The Authentic corsets are hard wearing, built for years of use and abuse, larger curve control and dramatic silhouette shaping. The Authentic corset lines also have small flat fabric attachments on the interior bottom edge that items such as garters can be clipped to. An additional advantage is that the Professional Corsets are not subject to availability or fluctuating inventory because they are made to order.

Please note that made to order is not the same as a custom order, if you have custom order concerns please contact our Corset Consultations representative.

On the down side, the Authentic corset line can be more expensive though there are occasional bargains. The Authentic corset line is also less known for frills, bows or exotic colors.

Wear Notes: Many people are surprised by how immediately comfortable they feel once laced into an Authentic corset and have compared this type of corset to a strong supportive hug. It’s common for new corset wearing women to over-tighten their laces the first few times only to quickly loosen their laces in order to find a comfortable balance within the first hour. This is completely fine, your corset is very flexible and can be tightened or loosened according to your event or goals that day. It takes a little bit of practice to fully tighten your laces on your own but it is relatively easy to loosen them once your are cinched in. New corset wearers who feel that their breathing is restricted need only stand up straight, as steel corsets do not allow for slouching!

Care Notes: Do NOT machine wash your corset or put your corset in the dryer! Light surface washing or spot care is recommended when needed. Dry cleaning is acceptable only when absolutely necessary and should be cared for by a dry cleaner that has experience with corsets specifically. Wearing a thin undergarment such as a thin tank-top or very light-weight t-shirt with the neck and sleeves removed is a practical way to protect your corset from staining or body oils if you are planning on extended wear. Thin undergarments will also protect your skin providing a level of comfort against tightly laced corsets where soft skin can meld into laces, zippers or grommets once tightly laced. If you have a zipper-based corset please take care when removing it by fully releasing the laces first before attempting to unzip your corset so you can protect your skin if you are not wearing a liner. 

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  • Christina March 14, 2014 5:28 pm

    A quick question to costume corsets. They’re listed in S, M, L, etc. What size is a L? Similar to a size 9 for example? Thank you for your help.

  • Katrina June 3, 2014 5:09 am

    Quick question for the Costume Corsets, I am a size 1-3 depending on a dress. What would be the best size for me to buy? Small?

  • Hannah November 22, 2014 6:40 pm

    i am a size xs, 5’1″, and weigh only 86 pounds. I can never find a corset small enough to give me that hourglass figure. What do you suggest?

  • Mercedes November 22, 2014 9:38 pm

    I’m a ‘bigger’ girl, are the authentic corsets only for small women? Or are the sizes reasonable?

  • Bette November 26, 2014 1:18 pm

    Hi, I wear a size 10 dress I ordered XL for overbust costume corset my. Measurements 391/2-32-40. I see it says dress size us 16 which be giant on me. But as far as pattern sizes I make my self 12-14 in tops. So did I order right size? I see no bust measurements on chart.. Thanks!

  • Cindy July 2, 2015 6:22 am

    Why did you guys stop selling the costume corsets? Extremely disappointing 🙁

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