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The Living Doll

Today we have the pleasure of talking with “The Living Doll” – what’s a living doll you say?  Well read on and find out 🙂

1) Who am I?

I am Amber Kohahu Chan! Known around the world as the real Human doll!

I am called a real life doll because I have a rare hereditary disease called Muscular Dystrophy that is slowly killing certain muscles in my body. And soon I will need more help with moving my body, just like a doll does.  But even when my body can’t walk any more that will never stop my love of Cosplaying !

2) Where did you come from?

Well, I like to think I came out of the ocean like Ariel the Little Mermaid with her beautiful dress in the ending where her father grants Ariel her wish for legs! (/^0^)/ but I have normal parents here in the U.S.A !

3) What are your hobbies?

When I am not Cosplaying or making cosplay or dolly style outfits, I love to draw! I am a huge Anime fan and I have always dreamed of making my own Anime or Manga someday ! I am also a makeup artist and I love trying new and crazy makeup styles! When I come up with something that I like, I will post a tutorial showing how to do the same look on my YouTube channel.

4) What is “everyday cosplay”?

Everyday cosplay to me is being able to dress up like your favorite cosplay characters without having to wear a full cosplay costume. Sometimes I go out dress in just my Kotori wig from Love Live and I’ll put on just some jeans and a T-shirt. It’s nothing that is truly one of her outfits but you can still seer that I am representing Kotori in some way ^^image26

5) What are your earliest Cosplay experiences ?

It would have to be during Halloween time when I was in elementary school. I wanted to be Ariel the Little Mermaid so badly but costumes where extremely expensive for anything Ariel at that time. So my mother and I made a home made tail and shirt that had shells on it just from stuff that was around the house.
It was a wonderful time spent with my mother and the costume looked great! I would wear it all the time and when I went to my first Expo, I went as Ariel so I can celebrate her starting my love of Cosplaying and fantasy!

6) What are some of your favorite Cosplay experiences ?

I honestly love all my time spent at Cons and Expos Cosplaying! The crowds are always filled with so much happy energy, that you can’t help but to be joyful and forget everything that might be bothering you! When you are with a large group of people that like the same things you do, you feel like you can let loose and not feel judged or shy. I always suggest Cosplaying as a way to relieve stress and test your creative side too! (/^0^)/

7) What message would you like to promote to The Vixens of the world?

I would love to send a message of hope! Hope for the people out there struggling with disabilities,illnesses or body issues, because nothing should stop you from doing what you love to do or stop you from dressing the way you want!
Create your own style if you feel like you don’t fit in! And never be afraid to try stand out or try Cosplay! The Cosplaying world grows bigger each day! It’s for everyone to enjoy, even if you have a disability or illness, you can still enjoy this world of art and make-believe ! image12

8) Any further projects we should look out for?

I love adding a twist to characters by making them into a Lolita style or Steampunk style fashion.
Some of my next Cosplay costumes will be using the amazing corset from the Violet Vixen! Be sure to follow my Instagram page to see all my up and coming cosplay plans!

9) Who are your favorite Cosplayers?

I love all the cosplayers who try their hardest and look so happy no matter how much money they spend on their costumes! I love the big stars of the Cosplaying world too but I never forget about the people who honestly try their best with what they can get.

10) What does “Dolly style” mean to you?

image18Dolly Style or Lolita Fashion reminds me of how women would dress in the renaissance era. It looks very delicate yet noble and high fashion at the same time. I really think it’s a great way to show off your inner princess!

11) What are some of your favorite games, video games or board games?

I am a huge Gamer Girl!! I love playing all types of video games like Black Ops 3, Tomb Raider, Fatal Frame, Bayonetta, Kingdom Hearts and so on!!
But because of my illness, it has become harder for me to press certain buttons ( like pressing in the analog stick) so I really enjoy watching others play now!!! My favorite family game is Ellen’s Heads Up! If you need a good App to make your friends and family laugh i definitely suggest playing that at your next party or family gathering 🙂

Amber Shows of her Violet Vixen Corset

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