Lies You’ll Hear About Plus Size Lingerie

Shopping for clothing when you don’t fit within the miniscule bracket dictated by fashion companies to be “the norm” (which isn’t really the norm at all) can be daunting for even the most stalwart among us. However, that isn’t all you’ll face in the world of lingerie shopping when you’re not a size 2.

We hear plenty of myths, lies and half-truths told to us or by us to explain our dislike of lingerie, our lack of choices or our disinterest.

Here are the worst offenders we want to strike down.

  1. Plus-size women aren’t interested in lingerie

There is a strange belief that any woman above a size 14 doesn’t want to look good, embrace her body or be a sexual being. The idea that being skinny is the only way you’ll have a reason to celebrate your body is a strange and misguided one. Plus-size lingerie brands like Ashley Graham and specialty stores have been exploding recently. Offering anything from quality bras and panties, to plus-size corsets, garters and teddies. If plus size women aren’t buying these items, than who is? 

  1. There are no plus-size role models

This is a myth we may tell ourselves a bit too often, but while there are certainly less plus size models and fashionistas, they most certainly exist. Lingerie brand Ashley Graham (as mentioned above) was created by none other than plus-size model Ashley Graham, who wanted fun and sexy lingerie designed for her size. Celebrities like Queen Latifah, Adele and Rebel Wilson have long been rocking the red carpets in amazing outfits too.

  1. Plus size lingerie isn’t profitable

This is only true if it doesn’t fit well. Who wants to drop good money on a bra that pinches or panties that squeeze? In reality, brands that focus on proper fitting and sizing have seen enormous success as plus-size women embrace them wholeheartedly.

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