How to Make Your Own Poison Ivy Costume for Halloween

Halloween lovers rejoice! The time for costumes, candy and creepy décor are almost here! While those summer lovers might be soaking up the last rays, we’re busy planning for that one magical day a year when all things spooky become the norm.

With every Halloween shindig comes the important step of planning your costume. This year, we love the idea of bringing the love/hate villain Poison Ivy to life. The longtime, flirtatious adversary of Batman has been recreated in many movies and comics over the years, which make her a perfect option for someone looking for a recognizable character that still lets you get cr

To bring Poison Ivy to life, you’re going to need a couple things: lots of green and lots of greenery. Poison Ivy was an eco-terrorist with a serious love of plants, so we encourage lots of vines and leaves to add to your costume. Cheap greenery can usually be picked up at dollar stores and attached to clothing with a good glue gun. Just make sure you buy the right glue so it doesn’t melt the plastic greenery!

To build your costume, look for a base like a bodysuit of corset and shorts. A green corset will allow you to really get that Poison Ivy look; especially when you start attaching all those strategically placed leaves. Green tights can also help add to the overall effect.

Poison Ivy is also known for her fire engine red hair and dramatic eye makeup. If you’re not blessed with being a natural ginger, you can pick up a red wig to accessorize your costume and use makeup and prosthetics to create Poison Ivy’s winged eyebrows.

You can make your Poison Ivy costume either sexy or subdued, though she was often known for ahem, displaying her assets proudly. Either way, we hope you love this Halloween costume idea!

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