Why Old Is New Again and How Steampunk Became Mainstream

Based on the science fiction novels of the 1960s and 1970s, the term steampunk originated in the 1980s to described the neo-Victorian style of clothing and accessories that were a whimsical variant of the cyberpunk movement. At that time, steampunk was considered a pretty underground movement, with only dedicated fans seeking out costumes or creating identities based around this trend.

Since this time, steampunk has risen through the ranks of general consciousness to become a very mainstream trend.

So how did this happen?

Gen X’ers and Millenials have started to reinvent the old and make it new again. These generations are bringing back outdated fashion, food and liquor concepts at rapid pace. As urban chickens are being raised on roofs, suspenders are back on clothing store shelves and the cocktail culture has come back into full swing, Gen X’ers and Millenials have also brought steampunk to the forefront.

While it used to be that if you were shopping for steampunk dresses, it meant you would have to make do with thrift shop finds and a thread and needle, it’s now not uncommon to see stores stocking racks of steampunk dresses for immediate wear.

Part of this reinvention has to do with passion, reinvention, and the joy of rediscovering the old. While another part of it has a lot to do with re-learning important skills that are useful in every day life, such as gardening, making your own food, or being able to sew your own clothes.

Because of this shift in thinking, it means that styles that focus heavily on your own self-reliance or creativity, like steampunk, have become a source of great fascination for many people. So if you’re a lover of steampunk, embrace this newfound popularity as a way to find more like minds and great new style options!

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