Rediscovering the Corset: Accessorizing With Long-forgotten Lingerie

Once a mainstay of women’s wardrobes, the corset fell from fashion in a big way once the brassiere moved to the forefront. Originally worn only as an undergarment, the corset saw re-emergence as a corset top in the 1990s. These tops were essentially mock corsets (you could rarely tighten them) that were made to give the illusion of a corset without the effort (and often, without the quality).

The corset has again resurfaced as a fashion piece, but has changed from a corset top to an accessory popularized by many celebrities. Rihanna, Gigi Hadid and especially Kim Kardashian have pushed the corset to popularity once more. While no longer as ubiquitous as it was in its heyday, the new iteration of the corset is all about layering. While not the corset top of before, when it was worn instead of a shirt, corsets are now worn loosely on top of dresses, men’s style button downs or buckled over long coats.

Wearing a corset top this way still accentuates the waist without going through the rigmarole of wearing the corset as bust support. It’s also important to note that these modern corsets are often short, underbust styles or waist cinchers. This means that they end usually well below the bust and are not used to support or lift the bust but are instead there to solely slim the waist. A bra must still be worn to finish your outfit and get the support you desire.

What we love about this trend is how it takes an item usually reserved for well to-do affairs and formal events and makes it something that you can use in every day wear. Layer your corset over a distressed rocker tee with black jeans and boots, or over a simple T-shirt dress to take the outfit from everyday blah to absolutely glam

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