How Steampunk Is the Counterculture to Modern Sleek

The amazing world of steampunk allows people to embrace their love for all things neo-Victorian, sumptuous and historical. With steampunk elements showing up in everything from movies like The Prestige and The Golden Compass to couture fashion houses like Versace and Alexander McQueen releasing beautiful steampunk clothing, it’s no wonder that more and more people are interested in exploring the fascinating world of steampunk.

Steampunk explores what may have been possible if Victorian era style, propulsion and machinery had today’s modern ideas. It also allows followers to entertain themselves with a fashion type so vastly different from today’s sleek lines and modern minimalism as to exists in separate worlds.

Steampunk clothing is all about personality, accessories and an almost vaudevillian love of character creation. Those who enjoy steampunk have cast off the concepts of a sleek, neutral wardrobe that is made up of 15 pieces and are doing a throwback to the time of the Victorians, when corsets, waistcoats and elaborate dress played a much larger role in day-to-day life.

The aesthetic of steampunk is much more ornate, and allows people to embrace a lot of creativity and individuality that is much harder to achieve in today’s throwaway society of mass produced garments. Many of the outfits worn by those in the steampunk community are lovingly chosen or thrifted and there are plenty of hands on modifications to be found, whether be it with sewing, welding, or just using a hot glue gun.

Because of this, steampunk rejects the concept of one-time-use clothing and instead encourages people to create pieces of beauty that they can love and embrace and keep for many years.

If you’re curious to see what options are out there for you, you’ll find that handmade steampunk clothing and crafts populate the world of Etsy and many specialty stores now stock ready-to-wear steampunk clothing and jewelry.

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