Things That Have Changed About Modern Corsets

Corsets have moved from the annals of history into a steady place in fashion. They continue to be worn as waist trainers, lingerie and fashionable garments for the rich and famous and the average woman. Unfortunately, corsets are controversial corsets that many people view as garments made by men used to control women. They are often seen as sexual devices that hobbled women and made them powerless to do their day-to-day tasks or even breathe comfortably. Many of these myths have since been disproven, but we still hear them come up time and time again.

Here are a few of the things that have changed since the corset was at its height of popularity.

15-inch waists were a myth

Many people have a misguided belief that women during the height of corsets’ fashion used to “tight lace” their waists down to an impossible 15 or 16 inches. This is simply not accurate. Even the most devout corset wearer would only slim their waist down by 2 or 3 inches. What gave the appearance of these dramatic minimizations were the dress styles. The voluminous skirts popular during these times made women’s hips appear much larger than they really were, making their corseted waist seem extra tiny. In reality, 20 inches was about the smallest most women were comfortable to go.

Corsets do not deform women

With the litany of medical problems corsets were supposed to have caused, it’s a wonder they’re not illegal! Everything from liver failure to sexist medical conditions like “female hysteria” was attributed to corsets. In reality, a corset causes no more medical issues than stiletto heels. While corsets did cause discomfort and the shifting of organs while it was on it did not cause permanent damage or deformation and it did no more to lessen women’s abilities to move around than many fashion trends today do.

Men didn’t force women to wear corsets

Women weren’t forced to wear corsets anymore than women today are forced to wear high heels. While we can debate the sociological implications of these garments for days on end, the simple fact is that women chose to and enjoyed wearing corsets, just as they do now. Corsets allow women to embrace their femininity, their creativity and their sexuality. Whether your corset is a black satin Basque or a purple corset embroidered with flowers, we say wear it proud and love your corset.

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