How to Wear a Bra With Your Underbust Corset

Underbust corsets are popular for their easy-to-wear sex appeal. Much more forgiving style-wise than an overbust corset, underbust corsets cinch the waist an end just below the bust, which makes them simple to layer over button downs or dresses without looking too showy. The one issue that results from this is support.

Since underbust corsets sit under the breasts, it means that it cannot provide the support, lift and shaping that an overbust corset would. Because of this, many women are left confused as to how to they can get support without sacrificing the underbust’s style.

Oftentimes, pairing a bra with an underbust corset can be a nightmare. Your underwire’s popping out or your corset pinching the flesh between the top of the corset and the base of the bra are all uncomfortable and unsightly things that can happen when you pair the two.

So how do you comfortably wear your bra and your underbust corset at once? Here are a couple quick tips.

For one, look for shorter corsets that end lower on the rib cage and won’t interfere with your bra’s underwire. If you’re having a corset made, be sure to request this to prevent this issue.

When choosing a bra to wear with your underbust corset, look for a well-fitting, wire-free bra. This will prevent your corset from interfering with the base of your bra or having uncomfortable pinching issues.

If you can’t find a decent, wire-free bra or shorter corset, you can also lift your underwire to rest on top of your corset. This is easiest if you wear your corset under your clothing, since it doesn’t look the best. It’s also not the best for support, since it means that your bra’s underwire will not be directly supporting your breasts, but it can work in a pinch.


Of course, you’re not required to wear a bra with your underbust corset, but it’s important to remember that an underbust corset will not provide you with any support or lift and it can look odd to have a smooth, cinched waist and free breasts.

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