How to Wear Lingerie Like a French Woman

The French are lauded for great food, great style and great beauty. They exude a subtle sexiness that has less to do with looks and much more to do with confidence. This extends into how they wear lingerie and why. So here are a few tips we have on how to wear lingerie like a French woman.

  1. Don’t wear it for him

Confidence is key, so buying lingerie only to impress a man will most certainly backfire on you. Major French lingerie brands are huge proponents in women wearing lingerie for themselves: for their comfort, their enjoyment and their feel.

  1. Don’t be loud

Subtlety is key when it comes to lingerie. The French believe that all underwear should stay close to the skin tone or in neutrals: white, black and beige are the go-to for most French women. If you see something like a blue corset, it’s more likely to be in a pastel shade like cornflower than electric blue.

  1. Co-ordinate your sets

The French believe not coordinating your lingerie is pure laziness. Not matching colors, lace or pattern can take two lovely pieces from looking sexy to looking slovenly. Coordination can also go beyond the lingerie itself. Consider that your lingerie will look best with a closer to natural face: nude lips, light eye makeup and fresh skin will do more for your sexiness than large false lashes and bright red lips.

  1. Show some skin

There is nothing quite so sexy as when a woman “accidentally” shows a bit of her lingerie, the key to this is (again) subtlety. The top of a bright pink bra poking out of a tank top is not subtlety, it screams: “look at me!”. On the other hand, the delicate lace of a black bra just peeking through an oversized button down that has the top buttons undone suggests demure sexiness that can’t be beat.

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